Saturday, September 7, 2013

Frugal Ways to Save Bucks when Shipping Overseas

Shipment is a complex or elaborated process denoting tedious job on packaging and expensive cost on the rate of carrier. There is nothing new to this, but it is worth noting over and over again for the neophyte shippers to understand how costly it could be when sending items overseas. Well, that is not really a problem if one has enough budget to handle the financial burden; however, for those who are so after securing a good saving, that matter can be a major concern. It is thus not uncommon that many shippers do try to cut the shipping charges by however means they could possibly take just to make such transaction an economy-wise one. And the most common frugal ways employed to serve this purpose are the following: 

Shipping Overseas

Packing the Shipping Items 

If there is one common practice among miser-shippers, it is no other than packing the ocean shipping items by themselves. But one has to be wary in doing the same because instead of saving, it might only lead to further expense when the sensitive goods got damaged due to poor packaging. This possibility presupposes that not all shippers know how to pack items properly; thus, if you are unsure whether you can do it yourself or not, it is worth spending extra money hiring assistance from the right professional. If you do insist to do it yourself, then just make sure that the goods are accommodated in the least possible space and avoid using large boxes for packing.  By that, you can reduce the volume of the shipment and can consolidate the cargo in a more efficient manner; hence, cutting down the shipping rates. 

Choosing the Right Container

There are usually two choices when it comes to shipping containers: forty-foot container and twenty-foot container. Which is best? Needless to explain that it is solely dependent on the type and quantity of your goods; however, note that in either of these, you still have option to prefer full or partial container. Otherwise, you can consider sharing the container so as to split the cost of your shipment. Nonetheless, aside from those, there are other sizes of containers which you can utilize; but you might sacrifice good saving when you choose them given that most companies do not stock smaller containers. However, if you have sensitive cargo or items which are so delicate in nature, then the best recourse is sharing the container to ensure safety and save money. 

Not Neglecting the Time Factor

Time is of the essence when you intend to ship perishable goods; hence, shippers do prefer express delivery if this is the case. However, considering the distance, it should be noted that the shorter the route and time, the higher is the rate of service. This follows to note that when shipping with a ship which has various stops on the way to the destination, there would also be good saving. It is primarily because the ship carries a lot of goods and the cost of the overseas shipping is shared among the clients. Nevertheless, that option is only practical when time is not a major factor or consideration, or the shipper is primarily after the monetary saving. 

Nonetheless, aside from the above-mentioned ways, it would also be beneficial in reducing the shipping cost if you negotiate with the international ocean freight shipping company. By so doing, you can ensure financial advantage without compromising the quality of shipping service. 


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