Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Things to Clarify when Choosing Appropriate Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers
Safety of the items is a major concern among shippers especially those sending larger quantity to a foreign destination. And ensuring such apparently requires wise selection of the packaging materials or containers that can protect the goods from damage whatsoever in the entire course of delivery. But that cannot be expected from those who have no experience in a somewhat complicated shipping transaction, which is why a notable number of these individuals do consider hiring a competent California Freight Forwarders who can assist in the process. In any case, no matter how reliable that professional is, it is still a requisite for a shipper to have background on the containers so as reliance would not consequently lead to misunderstanding or even failure to accomplish the goal of the shipment. As such, you have to make sure that you are clarified about these common concerns relative to the matter at hand: 

What Types of Items will You Ship? 

The primary consideration in the selection of container to use is the type of items intended for shipment; as such, knowing the nature of goods is a fundamental responsibility not to skip. It follows then that when the materials are perishable, the container should suppose to be that used in keeping the freshness of goods. Aside from this, however, the size and weight are also important for proper management of shipping items. Experts suggest that having more manageable module or size through prepackaging can possibly work better when handling the shipment. 

How about Your Shipping Destination?

Knowledge about shipping destination and how the receiver will access the materials is likewise necessary for appropriate container choices. This is particularly because some shipments would require specialized tools for proper unloading and loading of the items. Thus, if one has idea on the itinerary, the right package in which to put the items can be secured beforehand; in simple terms, distance and carrier are also major factors to consider. 

Choosing Shipping Containers

When are the Goods Expected to be Received? 

Given the possibility of delay when the cargo stays in storage for long time, it is also critical to take into account the time frame of shipment. When it is expected to arrive within few days, for instance, then the type of packaging should not necessarily be those best at keeping freshness. But when it is known at the outset that a delay would likely be encountered, the container should certainly be a good shield against heat, moisture, and other undesirable things that may cause damage. 

What Containers to Choose From?

Shippers have much leeway now when it comes to the shipping containers to choose; in particular, there are standardized containers which are typically closed units also known as ISO containers. These are primarily designed to standardize the shipping processes and are globally used or accepted by individual and company shippers through ship, truck, or rail delivery. Meanwhile, the common types of this container include: Top loading, Open side, Flat racks, Connex, Standard end, Double end, Platform, IP Container, and Tank Container; each of these has distinct uses on various kinds of materials. Nonetheless, it is noteworthy that the moving containers can be modified according to the needs of the shipper; hence, it is possible to add viewing windows or openings for easy removal of items whenever necessary. 

Other concerns relative to your shipping containers could probably be wise to address with your freight forwarder. Do this prior to the finalization of the shipment process so as to avoid making a haphazard decision which could put your items at a greater risk of damage. 


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