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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pragmatic Tips on Reduction of Bulk Packaging Expenses

Bulk PackagingWhile the safety or security of goods is a fundamental consideration in the shipment process, the cost is another priority that should not be skipped over before and during the transaction with California Freight Forwarders. This is not merely limited to the rate of the chosen carrier as the expenses on the packaging materials are likewise expected to be incurred. But nothing in either of the two cases is fixed as the shipper can negotiate with the Ocean Freight Forwarder or shipping company and employ appropriate means to reduce the cost relative thereto. It is thus a matter of network or connection with the carrier and know-how on the cost-effective materials to utilize that can aid in ensuring practical moving of bulk items from one port to another. And the following pragmatic tips can perhaps make a huge difference on the packaging expenses:

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Things to Clarify when Choosing Appropriate Shipping Containers

Shipping Containers
Safety of the items is a major concern among shippers especially those sending larger quantity to a foreign destination. And ensuring such apparently requires wise selection of the packaging materials or containers that can protect the goods from damage whatsoever in the entire course of delivery. But that cannot be expected from those who have no experience in a somewhat complicated shipping transaction, which is why a notable number of these individuals do consider hiring a competent California Freight Forwarders who can assist in the process. In any case, no matter how reliable that professional is, it is still a requisite for a shipper to have background on the containers so as reliance would not consequently lead to misunderstanding or even failure to accomplish the goal of the shipment. As such, you have to make sure that you are clarified about these common concerns relative to the matter at hand: 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Frugal Ways to Save Bucks when Shipping Overseas

Shipment is a complex or elaborated process denoting tedious job on packaging and expensive cost on the rate of carrier. There is nothing new to this, but it is worth noting over and over again for the neophyte shippers to understand how costly it could be when sending items overseas. Well, that is not really a problem if one has enough budget to handle the financial burden; however, for those who are so after securing a good saving, that matter can be a major concern. It is thus not uncommon that many shippers do try to cut the shipping charges by however means they could possibly take just to make such transaction an economy-wise one. And the most common frugal ways employed to serve this purpose are the following: 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Challenging Issues to Know About Freight and Logistics Industry

The role of a freight forwarder has evolved over time. Basically, a freight forwarder or an agent was just a link between the goods owner and the carrier. The primary job of the forwarder is to assist the owner to transport their goods to their destination. But in recent years, the word ‘assisting’ has been replaced by ‘undertaking.’

Freight Forwarder

So, modern freight forwards ‘undertake’ to get the goods transported from one place to the next while ensuring security and safety of the products being transferred. Undertaking entails all the processes involved in the transfer of goods like processing the means of transport, arranging all types of necessary documents needed for the safe transfer of the goods from the origin to their destination.

The freight forwarding industry has gained grounds across the globe because of the increasing volumes of international trade

Experts predict a rise of 10 per cent or more in the yearly revenue growth. But the industry has its own ups and downs due to the shifting patterns of the demands and evolving consumer base. The biggest challenge is to ‘stick on’ through offering competitive prices to new customers from developing countries. The relationship with shippers is also undergoing change and switching costs that are no longer relevant. In order to address this issue and ensure long time survival, forwarders need to understand the dynamics and adopt strategies accordingly. 

In the industry, size doesn’t matter. Large freight forwarders can provide better rates from carriers because they have the capacity to book in advance. They are also deemed to get preferential treatment from carriers. The costs are reduced because of the increasing size. So, it is best to expand business by focusing on a region and particular industry. This way, you can get familiarity and expertise in a particular region or in an industry that would potentially translates into higher profits. By doing this, freight forwarders can outdo their rivals who are doing business in all regions and gain advantage in starting a new business. 

It is also wise to club ‘Freight Forwarding’ with ‘custom clearance’ n the single package for the customers. The client will be more interested in a freight forwarding company that offers both services. Statistics also reveal that customers who have longer relationships with providers who offered up these two services. This also opens up avenues for new business opportunities with the shippers.

Lastly, it is vital for every freight forwarding company to develop a strong customer relationship and sales oriented approach. For every business industry, this is the key factor to win and expand business relationships and to anchor success in the industry. It is also essential to establish a customer support or a means of contact between the forwarder and customer at all times. A toll free number or live chat can be of great help in resolving issues or disputes quickly.

The market challenges faced by freight forwarders are quite daunting. In order to become the best freight forwarding service provider, it is best to think and perform outside the box. Convenience and honest service are the key points to make the logistics business a success. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Order the Best and Carry them Fast and Safe

Ocean Freight Services
Importing products or goods from other countries is one prevalent practice among companies that are the sole seller or provider of a particular brand. And notably, with the high demands of the imported materials, their business is one of those which generate high profits in the market. That's apparently one major reason why there are some novices in the industry who dare to try the same despite the risk of failure in the process. This happens not only when the products are not sold efficiently, but also when something went wrong during their delivery.

It's a common error both of the company and the freight forwarder, isn't it? Well, in some cases, such matter really depends on the circumstances when the transaction was made, but just to take into account the typical scenario, such ultimately rooted from the wrong choice of the forwarding company. Thus, you might have ordered the best, but you would still end up having the worst all because of the careless service which is neither fast nor safe. And this, therefore, should serve as a reminder for you to hire the one in your succeeding business transaction, and here are your simple guides to ensure such:

Hire for Quality, not for Cost or Friendship at Stake

Often times, if not really most of the time, most companies are used to hiring the service of their friends or those which offer lower cost without considering the quality of the service they have. There's nothing wrong with that not until the trust gets broken after the delivery takes place not in the right way and time. It's somehow a simple concern, but this matter is from which other consequences might come if you don't know how to preclude them at the outset. This is apparently the reason why quality of service should always be on the top of your priority if you don't want to lose both the good profit and friendship.

Clarify the Issues before they Disappoint You

Nothing will not work on your disadvantage if you know how to anticipate and control the possible circumstances which you would be confronting with in the process. These are usually the issues of cost and quality of service which cannot simply be determined upon the making of the transaction or the negotiation of which. And so, if you are in doubt that your order may be delayed because of the system that the company is following, you always have the right to clarify or even suggest of what will be favorable for you.

Don't Just Wait; Stay Involved in the Process!

This is more about maintaining good communication with the company until your order has already been delivered. That's what others always forget assuming that everything will be taken care of by the freight forwarder. Well, that's really what it should suppose to be, but considering that there are some things which might go beyond their control, it is, therefore, safe to stay involved in the process.
Notwithstanding these things, however, you should still bear in mind that the efficient delivery of your order is still dependent on how you work together with the freight forwarding company that you have chosen. So let everything works under your will and control because it's all about your business!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Implication of Air Freight Services, Additional Insights

Air Freight Services
Aside from the previous importance of air freight services, the additional for the list are going to be discussed in this entry.

At times people may doubt about the the reliability of the service, during this point anybody can not blame them since they only aim the best and the provider who will not turn out to negative scenario.
  • Door to Door Delivery – There are various countries today provides new access to their countries for international trades. In-line to this, air cargo companies can provide a door to door delivery for their client.
  • Clearance Arranging for Customs – Due to just in time target, the product and business owners do not want delays and wished a one contact to arrange all the necessary things prior to their logistics transaction.
  • Packing Problems Solutions – through this services, you can make sure that no matter how delicate the goods are they are packed well and the cargo agents are trained well to handle this job.
  • Documentation – air cargo are moving swiftly through high technology era, the documentation are being done through EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) which air carriers are using. This is an advance way as compared to other modes of transportation.
As a summary: air-freight services reduces cost to maximized the the usage of the amount of capital alloted to the transaction, the increasing of turnover sales, on time delivery, progressive positive result and improving or consumers services as well as the relationship of the business owners to the logistics body.

Doubts are always present in every transactions, taking a risk is needed so that you can determine the effectiveness of the entity and services you are dealing with. Risk and success are simply divided by the thin line in the modern era, if you are not going to weight things accordingly, you are going to be left behind.

As what Chinese Proverbs says: “To open a shop is easy, to keep it open is an art.” You can grow from this.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

What You Want is the Priority

Air Freight Services

The logistic companies are responsible for management of the flow of resources from the point of origin to its destination based on what the consumer requires. The logistics of the physical items involves the integration of data flow, packaging, inventory, handling of materials, transportation, warehousing and security. Logistics is the part of the supply chain which is responsible for the planning, implementation, the flow of goods as well as their storages.

The field of logistics are:
  • Procurement Logistics – Includes market research, planning  requirements, oder and order control, supplier management, and make or buy decision making.
  • Production Logistics – Connects the procurement to distribution logistics.
  • Distribution Logistics – Main goal of is to deliver the finished product to end consumers. Distribution logistics is important due to the required time, place and the product quantity which may differs between time and place.
  • After sales Logistics
  • Disposal Logistics – Reduce logistic cost, improve services during the operation.

Today, in the modern market place everything must come to order in the shortest time possible. This is the primary reason why when if logistics is the topic air freight service is being considered to move what you want from its origin to its destination, safe and fast. There are several factor one must consider in having a service.

The first kind of logistic services is the air freight service. To determine if the service is competitive enough in handling an urgent product shipment up to critical items and product shipment. The core of this entry is to discuss about the advantage of of logistics primarily using  air cargo.
  • Frequency and Speed – Considered as the most significant, why? Speed and the frequency is the first thing the clients want to prove to transfer their good and items.
  • Interline Facilities and Huge Network Destinations – Today, after several transportation development airlines have huge networks from various countries which means that, they can cover almost the entire world.
  • Reliability – You can secure that the products are in good and safe location before it reach the destinations.  The departure and arrival as well as the high cost of the airport facilities are reliable enough.
  • Financial Limitations – Air cargo is can reach its destination faster and thus can result to lesser logistic expenses.
  • Warehousing – Through air cargo, consumer have lesser expenses in local warehousing.
  • Lesser Required Packaging – In the airport, less packaging materials are required to the good transported by air.  In addiction, aircraft requires delicate handling of the goods and items during the loading and unloading processes.
  • Insurance – The insurance premium is lower for the air cargo since the transportation period is shorter.
When you are going to see it from the core logistics can be complicated but the concept is easy. There are several freight forwarding services that can cater the needs of your company or even a small business or a personal items need to the transport. Now that you've determine the summary of what is logistics and the significance of air freight , you are ready to make a sound decision for your need.

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