Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pragmatic Tips on Reduction of Bulk Packaging Expenses

Bulk PackagingWhile the safety or security of goods is a fundamental consideration in the shipment process, the cost is another priority that should not be skipped over before and during the transaction with California Freight Forwarders. This is not merely limited to the rate of the chosen carrier as the expenses on the packaging materials are likewise expected to be incurred. But nothing in either of the two cases is fixed as the shipper can negotiate with the Ocean Freight Forwarder or shipping company and employ appropriate means to reduce the cost relative thereto. It is thus a matter of network or connection with the carrier and know-how on the cost-effective materials to utilize that can aid in ensuring practical moving of bulk items from one port to another. And the following pragmatic tips can perhaps make a huge difference on the packaging expenses:

Determine the Current Shipping Rates 

Depending on the size and weight of the items, the rate in sending them to the local area or overseas varies among major carriers. The most common of these include FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS; hence, knowing which one among them has lower rate can be helpful in reducing the shipping expense. Aside from such options, though, you may likewise find it wise to check the local delivery services in your area as that would serve as another good choice to fit your economic consideration. Particularly, you should inquire on the rate corresponding to the type, quantity, size, and weight of your bulk materials. 

Recycle Packaging Materials

Speaking of practicability, the recycled packaging materials will never be taken out of the frugal Freight Forwarder California’s vocabulary. You cannot only save money by so doing as you would likewise minimize the impact of your transaction to the ecology. There are a manifold of means to be able to maximize the advantage of used packages without sacrificing the safety of sensitive items. In particular, some good materials that you can utilize are packers, fillers, and bubble wraps among many others; however, just make sure that you have removed the previous logos or graphics or any other marks thereon before finalizing them for delivery. 

Use Lighter or Smaller Boxes 

Given that weight and size matter in the cost of shipping bulk items, it is thus logical to avoid using oversized or heavier boxes as that would contribute to a costly transaction. If possible, you have to utilize the packages that can accommodate more items yet can provide better protection and are not weighty. For instance, you can opt using the padded packaging containers as these do not require extra packaging; thus, it is possible to reduce the shipment cost. Otherwise, you may find it more advantageous to use instead the USPS Flat Rate boxes which allow for the shipment of whatever items weighting up to 70 pounds. 

Calculate Cost prior to Shipment 

Packaging Expenses
By reckoning the possible cost of your goods, you would be able to find other good ways to cut it according to how much you can pay for. In this case, you need to consider using similar device or scale employed by shipping company and then calculate the outcome based on the corresponding rate specified in the carrier’s website or documents provided. However, if you are sending bulk materials, it seems to be unfeasible and the best recourse, therefore, is working with a reliable freight forwarder who can assist you from the determination of cost up to the final delivery of your goods.

Well, it is really something important for you to decide whether or not to take into consideration the aforementioned tips for the reduction of your packaging expenses. After all, the “financial aspect” of the transaction is within the shipper’s control in most cases. 


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